Proprioception from opening of C(L)CC


i want to explain
how neutrinos glide through our bodies
as we talk,
how the invisible life of the universe
slips through us constantly,
sliding by like moonlight at mid-day,
atomic memories as elusive as forgotten dreams
unfolding in the empty gallery of space

between the particles of my self
there is room for you
to pull up an odd-shaped chair
there is unlimited space
amid my spinning selves
i am trembling as i speak,
cells murmur,
behind me there are voices
a whole city in the brain

a door opens and
people walk through
unaware they are in a poem
this poem desires to sit with each one of you
each one taking the synaptic leap of faith
arriving in many places at the same time

this poem is a body with its own awareness
the mind of this poem knows itself
in each word, each phrase, each incomplete sentence
this poem wants to describe
the relationship between two unknowns
by talking about the changes
that curve between them


About Nicholas Power

The poetry of Nicholas Power and his reviews of singular poems in a sequence titled Cadence.
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